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What is Acknowledgement Letter?

The acknowledgement is also known for acceptance of the truth or recognition of the importance or the expression of gratitude as well.  An acknowledgement also is the action of showing that we have noticed or confirming the receipt of something.

An acknowledgement letter, also known as an receipt or  a formal written notice of recognition of a fact, a situation, an event that has taken place. This letter written as a polite response to the correspondence and association between you and the recipient. It usually mentions a person or an organization and the type of help received. For ready reference Acknowledgement sample letter are given below.

Objective of Writing Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgement letters allow those associated with you to know that you value their time and opinion. A well written letter of acknowledgement shows polite professionalism and sincere appreciation and can be used in all situations.

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Various Uses of  Acknowledgement letter

A student can write letter of acknowledgement for a project or thesis he / she submitted to show appreciation to all those who has helped him/her for research and work done or for their contribution in some way or the other to the project. This letter acknowledges the support received while working on the project. It is not required to thank people for general assistance but on some special aid or help that was given during the couse of completion of that particular assignment. If a student completes and submits an academic report to the college for evaluation; the college also issues an acknowledgement letter for project report that the student submitted.  Please refer to our Free Sample acknowledgement example letters and format given below for better understanding and learning. 

One can write donation acknowledgement letter to express gratitude for donations/gifts received or favors granted. A person, or a company, can also write this letter of acknowledgement of receipt, which serves as a written verification for merchandise received or services rendered. A company or an individual may issue an employee acknowledgement letter to express knowledge of transactions, scheduled meetings, memos or notices received and so on. In such cases, an acknowledgement letter may also be used as a legal reference in the future.

Many companies issue acknowledgement letter for complaints or queries received to ensure their customers of a quick response and to cement a personal bond with their customers for better business. Letter of acknowledgement is influential in helping individuals and companies generate healthy business relationships.

How to write Acknowledgement letter -  Important Things to Know :

While writing an acknowledgement letter the most important thing to remember is to be brief and to be very specific. It is important that you mention people’s names, events, transaction amounts, dates and places as accurately as possible. If possible and whenever required, you can also include a copy of the notice, bill, invoice, memo or invitation which you are acknowledging, for further reference. It will help if you start on a positive and polite note and maintain that tone throughout the letter. As with any formal letter writing it is best to avoid slang and to proofread and edit your letter at least once before issuing it.

Please go through with below mentioned several sample Acknowledgement example letter and its free Template which you may find useful…check them out and download for Free! 

Below are several sample and template of acknowledgment letter which you may find useful…check them out! 

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Download Free PDF/DOC


Acknowledgement for donation
Sample Template



 Date: ________


Mr. _________________
The Director
Tiger Welfare Foundation Inc
Ms. _________________,
Contact Details.________

                Subject: Acknowledgement of donation of _______

Dear Abc,

On behalf of ‘Tiger Welfare Foundation Inc.’ I would like to thank you for your generous donation of $15,350/-. I appreciate your concern towards our objective of ensuring the welfare of India’s tigers. Concerned citizens like you help us to bring back the pride of our national animal.
I is proven before by various studies that up until a century ago an estimated 155000 tigers lived in the Indian sub-continent. Today there are fewer than 1,500. Every year ‘Triger Welfare Foundation Inc’ continues its mission of preserving the environment of the Indian tiger, creating awareness about the danger of poaching and smuggling and funding more research to help breed tigers. 
I can assure you that your gift will go a long way in helping us fulfill our objectives. Thanks again for your crucial contribution.

Best wishes.

Tiger Welfare Foundation Inc




Download Free PDF/DOC


Acknowledgement sample for Thesis Receipt
Sample Template




This thesis would not be possible without the invaluable help and support of a number of my professors, classmates and colleagues. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have accompanied me on this academic journey.
I would like to thank my Head of Department (Name of the teacher) as well as our headmistress (Name of the headmistress) who gave me the opportunity to do the project on this topic (Write the topic name).
I would also thank my research guide, Professor Ms. (Name of research guide), for her guidance in helping me to finalize the topic and in conducting the research. In spite of her busy schedule Ms. …… was always available to help me with all my doubts and queries.
A very special vote of thanks to the Research Fund of (Name of College or Institution) for helping the funding of the research work.
I am also thankful to the non-teaching staff of the college, especially in the library and the laboratory. 

And finally I am grateful to my family and friends for their encouragement in getting me complete this thesis within the stipulated time.

Thank you!
Name Surname.



Download Free PDF/DOC


Letter of acknowledgement for bank receipt
Sample Letter





Name of the Person_______

Address ________________

Email ID ________________

Contact No.______________



Name of the Person________

Designation ______________

Address _________________



I would like to inform you that I acknowledge the receipt of the visa debit card ordered from your bank one week ago. As I was informed in the letter I will have to collect the pin codes to the card directly from your branch. I will do it on Monday of the next week.

I am the client of your bank for last five years and during this period I never had any problems with your bank, I hope I will get same kind of cooperation in future. I am also very satisfied with your delivery service that is always on time. My card has been delivered to me on the promised date.

I am thankful to you once again. Please find acknowledgment receipt signed by me in confirmation of the card receipt. Thank you once again for the efficient cooperation.



Truly Yours,

Name of the Person




Download Free PDF/DOC


Acknowledgment letter for receipt of Funds
Sample Template



Name of the Person________
Address _________________
Email ID ________________
Contact No.______________
Name of the Person______________
Designation ____________________
Organisation / Company Name______
Address _______________________

         Subject: Acknowledgment Letter for receipt of Funds


Dear Sir,

I would like to acknowledge the receipt of funds which were overdue against the settlement of my account with the company.  I have received an amount of $14000.00 USD by a Bank Transfer on dated 23rd July 2016.
Further, I would also like to bring into your notice that I am available to provide my services to your organization as subject matter expert but on the freelancing basis or on project basis. I can spend almost 3-4 hours in a day and can fulfill the need of your work by working from home.
Finally, I also like to tender my acknowledgment for the learning I had during my work with your organization and Therefore, I would request you to see if any engagement can done on such basis.
Thanking you
Yours Truly,

Name & Designation

Download Free PDF/DOC


Acknowledgement for Receipt of Resume
Sample Template






Name of the Person_________

Address __________________

City & State_______________


Sub: Receipt of Resume for the Position of Executive Director



On behalf of the board and management of   _________(Company Name),  it is my pleasure and honour to write this letter to you.

 Our primary motive of the letter is to acknowledge the receipt of your resume for the position of Executive Director. I am sure that you will recall that you had earlier sent your resume as part of the documents required for the subjected position.

 Apart from acknowledgement of the receipt, I take this opportunity to tell you that we are impressed with your academic, extra-curricular activities and experience.

We promise to give you updates concerning the recruitment proceeding of the position.

Thanking you in anticipation of your understanding 


Thanking you & Regards,


Yours Sincerely,

Organization Name




Name & Designation




Download Free PDF/DOC


Payment Acknowledgement Receipt
Sample Template


Contact Number
Customer ID

Subject: Acknowledgement of receipt of the Payment

Dear Mr. ________________
Greetings from XYZ Company!

This is to acknowledge a deposit of $53,700 into our bank account as the final payment on the purchase of AAA product. Thank you so much for remitting this overdue balance.
The shipment of your product will begin on the coming working day and will be delivered to you within the next 7 days.
If you have any further query regarding your purchase or any other information, our toll free number is 1000000001 please call us. We look forward to serve you in the future.
Thanking your
Yours Sincerely,
XYZ Company,
Signature with company’s Seal
Name & Designation



Download Free PDF/DOC


Business Document Acknowledgement Letter
  Sample template



(Name of recipient)


Dear XYZ,

We are writing this letter to acknowledge the receipt of business document (document name). We are presently examining the document for any issues to be addressed. The signed document will be returned to you within 5 business days. 

Thank you so much for your trust in our company. We look forward to do business with you in future also.


Yours Sincerely
XYZ company

Signature with company’s seal
Name & Designation




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