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What is the Meaning of internship? Types of Internship offer letter & certificate format with Sample

An Internship is an official way to offer opportunity to the student or trainee who has been qualified in different areas and is willing to learn and works in an organization to gain practical work or onsite project research related experience.

When need to write Internship Certificate /letter ?

The student / Trainees get the internship certificate or letter once the finish their internship which helps then getting a good and well paid Job in the industry.  The Internships training program offered by employer are generally is for a fix and short tenure and the internship period  can length from one week and at time it maximize for 12 months.   The collages or the institutes also approach employers for this kind of program and also encourage student to go this kind of program which is also at times a part of their curriculum also.

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An internship is a temporary position offered by an organization with the aim of providing on-the-job training to students, trainees or those who are fresher in a particular field. An internship can be paid or unpaid but unlike a regular job, it is never permanent. Whether it is an unpaid or a paid internship, the experience gained is invaluable and can be a great asset in future.

For example if you want to go into advertising, you might have to take up an internship with an advertising firm before you are qualified for the actual job. Internships, especially summer internships, are popular among students because it helps them spend their time constructively and helps them gain valuable work experience. An internship letter is a written document submitted by an individual intending to apply for a particular internship. It is meant to formally introduce a candidate to a prospective employer.

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In the case you are a student, when applying for an internship, it will help if you can submit a short application letter for that internship along with your updated CV. You should emphasize the relevant coursework and personal traits that can make you the preferred candidate for the job. Instead of focusing on work experience, students must rely on their academic accomplishments to persuade the employer. Your application for internship should be specific to that particular internship. In other words it should include examples from your work, academic, and/or extracurricular experience which will be relevant to the internship. If you are a student you can also consider writing a request letter to the college, requesting for an internship.

Internships are useful to employers as well. Sometimes employers conduct internship program to train future employees and help them understand the working of the company. After completing the program, an employer may issue an internship certificate to acknowledge and to certify that a person has completed that internship with the company.

Note : -An internship letter from employer is similar to an experience letter and can help the candidate secure a job more easily in the future.

How to write an internship letter?

The internship certificate or letter format is very similar to that of a cover letter. Use proper business letter format and include your contact information, the date, and in the subject mention the specific internship you are applying for. The main aim of the letter should be to try and convince the reader that you will be an asset as an intern and you can make a positive contribution to the company.

Based on these guidelines here are a few templates and sample of internship letter in doc and pdf format which you can use….good luck!

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Download Free PDF/DOC


Letter For Summer Internship
Sample Letter


Date: ……………


Student’s Name

Name of Institute, Location

Subject: Summer Internship Offer Letter

Dear Student’s Name,

We are pleased to inform you that you are selected for a summer internship at (Company Name). Congratulations!

In reference to your application, your training is scheduled to start from ________ (DATE). The internship is for a period of 2 months. It will include training and orientation. We intend to focus on developing new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of concepts through firsthand experience. Additional project details and technical information will be shared with you on, or before commencement of training.


You are requested to report for training at the following address:


Company Name

Address line 1

Address line 2

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries. Again, congratulations and we look forward to working with you.


Yours Sincerely,





Contact Details.______________




Download Free PDF/DOC


Internship Appreciation Letter From Employer
Sample Template



Name of the Intern

Subject: Appreciation for Work during internship

Dear ____________,

I am writing to you on your completion of your six week internship with our company. We were extremely pleased by the dedication you showed to the team during the short time you were with us, showing initiative and great communicative skills.

We can see that you work great within a team environment, and coupled with your excellent academic background, we have decided we would like to interview you for a permanent position within our company on completion of your degree.

We would therefore formally like to invite you to attend an interview next week to discuss the possibilities of a permanent position within our company on completion of your degree. Please contact us to let us know when is convenient for you to travel to meet us as therefore not to interrupt your studies.


Yours Faithfully,


Name of the person




Download Free PDF/DOC

Internship Request Acceptance Letter
Sample Letter




Name of the Intern
Address _______________




Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the management of the (Organization Name) ____________________________, I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as an Intern in our organization. This was based on your application and the interview that you did with the Recruitment Committee.

The results of the committee show that you have one of the best results among the applicants. Investigation also showed that you were a very good student back during your days in the medical school.

The Internship can be a very hectic period for you but that should be surprising to you, especially after being a hard-working person. It is our hope and prayer that you will justify the confidence we have in you.


Yours Faithfully,


Name of the person




Download Free PDF/DOC


Request​ Letter For Internship 
Sample template


Date: __________


Name of the Intern

Address ___________

Email ID ___________

Contact No._________



Name of the person

General Manager,

Organization Name

Address _____________


Sub: Letter for Internship


I am writing this letter to your good office, with a good sense of hope and expectation. The main aim of this letter is to seek for an opportunity to do my internship with your organization. I am a fresh graduate from the _____________ University. I was the valedictorian for my set and I finished with a First Class Degree in ______________________ (course name).

Although I have received offers from some other companies, it is my dream to do my internship with your Organization and I will be more than grateful if you can provide me this opportunity. This is thanking you in anticipation of your positive response.


Yours Faithfully,



Name of the Intern





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