Health, Safety and Environment of Company

Health, safety and environment describes the provisions maintained by employer for employee. To get ISO certified company and factories are bound to maintain health and safety facilities and also must have a healthy working environment. To have a healthy working environment some prohibitions are maintained such as smoking, drinking alcohol etc. This policy varies from company to company.

Health Safety & Enviroment

As a good corporate citizen, group is committed to Safety & Health of its employees and concerned persons who may be affected by its operation.

Organization is committed in providing and maintaining a safe work environment for health, safety and welfare of staff, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

We undertake to provide resources in terms of personnel, time and financial outlay as per Factory Act 1948 to achieve these objectives.

To do this, organization name will:

i. Develop and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe working environment.

ii. Provide information and training at all levels in the organization to enable all employees to support this policy.

iii. Assess all the risks involved in new areas of operation, purchasing new equipment, and implementing new work methods and that these risks continue to be reviewed.

Everyone is responsible and will be held accountable for:

iv. Identifying practices and conditions which could injure employees, clients, members of the public or our environment

v. Implementing steps to control such situations

vi. If unable to control such practices and conditions reporting these to their superiors

Organization Name demands a positive attitude and performance with respect to health, safety and the environment from all the employees irrespective of their position.


This program is a top priority for Organization.The HR Department has responsibility for implementing, administering, monitoring, and evaluating the safety program. Its success depends on the alertness and personal commitment of all.

Organization avail all data to representatives about work environment security and medical problems through normal inside correspondence channels, for example, chief worker gatherings, announcement board postings, email, notices, or other composed interchanges.

Every employee is expected to follow safety rules and to exercise caution in all work activities. Employees have to immediately report for any unsafe condition to the appropriate supervisor. Employees who violate safety standards, may be subject  to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Department or the appropriate supervisor. Such reports are necessary to comply with laws and initiate insurance and workers’ compensation benefits procedures.

The Safety policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to all interested parties and to the public.


Organization maintains a nonsmoking policy. Smoking is not permitted on Organization remises at any time. Smoking is harmful to the health of those who smoke and those around them (passive smokers). Therefore, smoking in the organization premises is considered as a gross misconduct and will render an employee liable to instant dismissal.

Alcohol, Drugs (& Other Substance of Abuse)

This policy is applicable to all levels throughout Organization. The policy is not concerned with social drinking or taking prescribed drugs for medical purposes.

The concern is directed to instances where alcohol or other drug dependence or abuse affects the job performance and or/safety of any employee(s).

Organization is committed towards creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive workplace for all employees. Attending work under the influence of alcohol will never be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action or ultimately dismissal. Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other illicit drug is illegal.

It is your own responsibility to ensure you comply with it.