Workplace Injury Management and Worker’s Compensation

Workplace Injury Management and Worker’s Compensation includes facilities related to workplace safety. Employees either in corporate office or factory or site office is provided proper health security so that they can work in safe environment. It is company’s liability to provide facilities to employees related to work place. This facility includes ESI, life insurance, medical insurance.

Workplace Injury Management


All employees, including part-time, temporary, contractual and probationary employees, are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an injury arising from, or in the course and scope of their employment. Organization gives a thorough laborers' remuneration protection program at no cost to representatives, in accordance with law. This program covers any damage or disease maintained over the span of work that requires restorative, careful, or clinic treatment.

The process to be followed if an injury occurs is as follows:

  •   The first priority in the event of an injury at work is medical attention.
  •   In the event of any apparently serious injury an ambulance should be called for.
  •   The manager must then complete a report in the Register of Injuries.

Standard report must include:

        •    Employee details

        •    Time and location of the injury/incident occurred

        •    Details of the injury including:

                    -  Part of body injured

                    -  Time lost

                    -  Name of the first aid attendant

                    -  Details of first aid treatment

                    -  Details of any investigation of the accident