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Performance execution process in HRM 


Performance execution is the very important upcoming phase of an effective performance management process in human resource management . Its responsibility of a manager in the performance execution phase is to create the conditions that motivate. Employee towards performance goal

The second is to eliminate performance problems. For the individual, the critical responsibility  in Phase II is getting the job done—achieving the objectives. Solving people problems, however, is the unusual and infrequent occurrence. 

For the appraiser manager, there are two main role/responsibilities:

  1. Creating and boosting the conditions that motivate, and

  2. Confronting challenges and correcting any performance problems.

The other is to wipe out execution issues when they emerge. Regular talks or meeting between a supervisor/managers and an employee unit about work performance, challenges can have a positive impression that improving both work performance as well as employee morale Each manager should meet with employees on an individual basis and devise a personal plan for goal achievement. Providing praise for good upto marked performance and seek acknowledgement about how the employee can achieve her individualized goals.

Performance execution is an important stage in the performance management. Execution process converts the strategic objectives into the results. Far more common is the need to motivate people to deliver all the good efforts of which they are capable.  Employee motivation can be  boost up by various methods like pips of talks and  motivational posters, slogans for work performance , free advice, and exhortation on the topic of motivation, there should some predesigned  a couple of core principles of motivation to employee  that predictably work with every person, every time. 

There are many responsibilities which a manager should perform while executive the performance appraisal activity

1. Maintaining performance records: Each supervisor needs to monitor how well the general population in the office are doing. 

2. Updating Objectives as Conditions ChangeIt's essential for the administrator to consistently keep an eye on the undertakings, objectives, and targets that he and the individual conceded to amid the execution arranging meeting.


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