Internal and External Factors which affects the Recruitment Process in human resource management

The recruitment function of the organizations is direct or indirect ways affected  by a mix of various internal and external forces.

The internal forces or the factors that can be controlled by the organization and the external factors are those factors which cannot be controlled by the organization.

The internal and external forces affecting recruitment function of an firm are: 

               Factors Affecting Recruitment


The internal factors likewise term as endogenous elements are the components inside the association that impact selecting in the organisation

The internal forces i.e. the factors which can be controlled by the organization are:

1. Recruitment Policy

The recruitment policy of the organization i.e. recruiting from internal sources and external also affect the recruitment process. The recruitment policy of an organization determines the destinations or enlistment and gives a structure to usage of recruitment program.

Factors Affecting Recruitment Policy

  • Need of the organization.
  • Organizational objectives
  • Preferred sources of recruitment.
  • Government policies on reservations.
  • Personnel policies of the organization and its competitors.
  • Recruitment costs and financial implications.

2. Human Resource Planning

Effective human resource process and procedure helps in fixing the loops present in the existing manpower of the organization. This also helps in  filter the number of employees to be recruited and what kind qualification and skills  they must possess.

3. Size of the Organization

The size of the organization affects the recruitment process. If the organization is planning to increase its operations and expand its business, it will think of hiring more personnel, which will handle its operations.

4. Cost involved in recruitment

Recruitment process also count the cost to the employer, thats why  organizations try to employ/outsource the source of recruitment which will be cost effective to the organization for each candidate.

5. Growth and Expansion

Organization will utilize or consider utilizing more work force in the event that it is growing  its operations.


The external forces are the forces which cannot be controlled by the organization. The major external forces are:

1. Supply and Demand

The availability of manpower both within and outside the organization is an essential factor in the recruitment process. 

2. Labour Market

Employment conditions where the organization is located will effected by the recruiting efforts of the organization. 

3. Goodwill / Image of the organization

Image of the firm is another factor having its effect on the Different government controls forbidding separation in contracting and work have coordinate effect on enlistment practices. As taken Example, Govt. of India has the convention of reservation in work for booked standings/planned clans, physically Disabled and so on. Additionally, exchange associations have the significant part in enrollment. This limits management freedom to select those individuals who can be the best performers.This can work as a potential constraint for recruitment. A company with positive image as an employer able to easier to attract and retain employees than an organization with negative image. Organisations actions and activities like good public relations, public service like,charity, contruction and developement  roads, public parks, hospitals education and schools help earn image or goodwill for organization.

4. Political-Social- Legal Environment

Different government controls forbidding separation in contracting and work have coordinate effect on enlistment practices.

5. Unemployment Rate

The Element that influence the availability of applicants is the  economy growth rate . At the point when the organization isn't making new jobs, there is frequently oversupply of qualified work which thusly prompts unemployment.

6.  Competitors

The recruitment policies and procedure  an of the competitors also affect the recruitment function of the organizations.Time to time  the organizations have to change their recruitment policies and manuals according to the policies being followed by the competitors.

Recruitment is one of the main departments which place the right candidates to the right job. The recruiters should identify the best candidates from different sources and job sites. Recruiters have to identify the problems faced during recruitment and find an alternative to make work efficiently which can fulfil recruitment goal on time .