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You can now submit sponsored post or sponsor a post on HRhelpboard – world's Best and most admired HR Online Platform having users / audience / viewers spread in almost 220 countries in the world.

Sponsored Post Guidelines ..

  • Sponsored post which can include text and images in the articles will be published onour website and stays on both the homepage and recent posts list.
  • By sponsoring a post, your info will be shared across all HRhelpboard social media             account likewise the Editor will also share them on the personal account. 
  • The Sponsored Post can be written by the Sponsors. And if you’d like to submit your own     high quality and original article, we will be glad to accept that and edit if found necessary.
  • Also, if all you’re looking for to be affiliated or wish to but a link with a particular existing article on our website then you can take a moment to search and select from the any of the published articles. If you find an article you’d like to sponsor, let us know which one and we will edit it for you for a cost of Link inseration as mutually finalised. You can write to us at hrhelpboard@gmail.com or can submit request from our contact us page by mentioning Link Insertion in the subject line. 
  • All sponsored posts will mention that they are sponsored posts.
  • The post will usually end with a byline mentioning as "This is article was sponsored by [Sponsor Name]
  • The fee charged for a sponsored post will depend on your case. Currently, we have 450k page views per month more than lac registered users / subscriber and growing every day and we have a strong readership based on organic traffic, direct visitors, social media and email subscribers.
  • We allow maximum 2 “no-follow” links of a single website in one sponsored post as per Google’s guidelines.
  • The posts should be above 500 words and we reserve the right to edit your post to correct grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Your post must include at least one high-quality relevant image which you must have the     copyright to use.
  • We accept advance payment. Discounted sponsored posts will be considered for repeated     sponsored posts from the same source.

Benefits of Sponsored Post on HRhelpboard

  • When you sponsor a post on HRhelpboard, We’ll ensure to make it stick to the homepage and recent post list for an entire 30days to increase the visibility regardless of how many posts had been published after your sponsored post. (Negotiation is open if you would want it to be on the homepage for more than 30days)
  • Your post would be displayed and placed at the Featured Article which includes Image, post title and snippet at the sidebar of all posts on homepage
  • Your Products will be picked up by our visitors from different parts of the world as well as seen on Google Search Engine
  • Links are allowed as long as they would provide more information and/or lead to product as regards to the sponsored article (TAC apply)
  • Note that we have the right to remove your link if we find your site to violate any of our terms & conditions.


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