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What are the Benefits of Job Rotation?


What is Job Rotation and how it is beneficial in employee engagement

Job rotation is a method where employees are shifted between two or more assignments at regular intervals of time to give them exposure to all verticals in an organization. Job rotation is used to test the skills and competencies so that they are assigned right place and designation. This reduces the monotony of the job and gives them wider experience.

Edward describes job rotation as “the process of switching a person from job to job” which increases an employee’s capability and value to an organization. Job rotation can be defined as the performance by an employee on a new assignment for an agreed period of time. Job rotation also provides opportunity to explore every employee’s personal interest and helps to gain experience in various fields and also cross train them.

Job rotation is an effective tools in HR due to following reasons

  • Finding the best fit candidate for the vacant job is a difficult task job rotation helps in finding the best fit employee for the vacant position without any delay.
  • Job rotation helps in exposing employees to all verticals or operations of the organization.
  • Job rotation reduces the monotony of the job as the employees are regularly shifted between different jobs.
  • The employees are placed on various jobs and hence can be tested for their skills and competencies.

Benefits, Importance and Advantages of Job Rotation

  • Job Rotation is one of the best ways to reduce the boredom caused due to boring and monotonous work schedule and helps to revive the willingness and excitement of the employees and encourages the employees to perform even better.
  • The employee gains a lot of knowledge as he is shifted to new profile. This helps in enhanced learning and growth.
  • It gives new responsibilities to the employee along with lot of learning opportunities.
  • It improves the job satisfaction level and thus decreases the attrition rate of the employees and increases the belongingness towards the organization
  • It enhances the career growth of the employees as the employees learn new skills and are more efficient
  • Through job rotation employees are exposed to the working of different departments and thus this creates a better understanding of the working in an organization.
  • Through Job rotation employee interacts with different people of other department this creates and maintains unity in an organization among employees.

A well planned job rotation program in an organization increases job satisfaction and engagement of the employees and increases retention of employees. It also enhances job enrichment and overall development among employees.

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