Learning & Technology Adaptation


Learning is an ongoing and mandatory requirement for any company and its employees corporate enterprises, across the globe have been investing in infrastructure and resources, need to implement enhance and streamline their learning environment.

Training and development forms a key part of today’s corporate enterprises. Trained employees effectively contribute to company goals, objectives, leading to enhanced quality, productivity, competitiveness and profitability

Corporate enterprise has high demand and expectations from their employees. The global market is evolving enormously and companies are expanding their business with faster pace. The global companies / corporate faces various challenges at this levels like demographic issues, cultural issues, new technologies, politician and legal environment , recruitment and many more. Hence, employee skills are critical to the success of the company and these skills are enhanced with the proper training and development

Most of the today’s enterprises require their employees to think cogently. Employees have to not only do their routine jobs, but also have a holistic view of the environment and contribute to the organization goals. They need to be aware of the trends and techniques related to their organization profile. Learning facilities / resources of corporate enterprises support employees learning efforts by using creative and innovative learning models. It provides state of the art access to various operational, technical and business training to its employees, partners and other stakeholders

Several corporate enterprises are using variety of creative and innovative method to impart learning to theri employees and other stakeholders like: -

Instructor led class room training examples: -

Virtual classrooms - video conference, audio conferences, web conferences

Virtual classroom trainings are termed as most popular and modern technique of many corporate. It enables to break the geographical barrier and considered as cost effective techniques. The organizations where they have not only different branches / regional offices within India but also expended at global level, it is difficult to train them in a one go. Virtual classrooms use latest technology to create a virtualized learning environment, which may span from one department to another, from one city to another, from one counter to another spanning the entire global.

Web learning / e-learning

E-learning is the concept and process of enhancing teaching and learning through the use of information spectrum of activities ranging from learning that is entirely online style. It provides flexibility and convinence to the learner. Employees can enhance learning on their own at their convenience and at their places. E Learning is the most frequently used techniques as it enabled through web hosted content, where the content and corresponding knowledge repository is hosted through a web server. Most of the corporate enterprises are moving towards this technique

CDROM and computer based trainings (CBT)

CDROM based courses are offline digital courses. The CDROM can be given to employee, to be used at employee’s connivances. The CD based coursed also have tools and techniques for learning, similar to the web learning courses, but have the advantage of being used offline, may be during leisure time at home , in resturent or even when there is no web connectively.

CDROM and computer based trainings (CBT)

The corporate are using this to their advantage, enhancing the learning framework, by publishing and sharing training content on intranet web sites. This technique is open, flexible, shareable and cost effective and easy

Online library / online training modules

Many corporate have a rich repository of online books, journals and other training material in form of digital library. The employees can use this as sources of knowledge to enhance their competence and skills

There are many techniques and infrastructure support provided by corporate in support of their training department. These techniques includes: -

Most of these techniques use network technology, including the use of satellites leased lines and internet connections. With the enhancement in network connectivity, availability of broadband, 2G & 3G services, digital content is also available on hand held devices including the mobile phones.

The techniques and tools have changed the way corporate provides training to employees these techniques are convenient, customizable, cost effective and timely manner. They are adopting as blended learning techniques which are the best combinations of instructor led classroom trainings, web conferencing, video or audio conferencing, sharing and collaboration tools and offline CDROM based computer based trainings. In short, they contribute to effective employee learning, leading to greater employee satisfaction and overall organizational effectiveness.