Annual Bonus Letter to employee with format template

Annual Bonus Letter is given to employee annually who is working in the organization no matter what his designation, level and grade is.  The bonus calculation formula is used  which is designed by the company to calculate the the amount which is to be distributed as annual bonus.   It is also known as performance bonus as well which is basically a reward given to the employees at the end of the year on the basis of the performance of the individual and as a company or business. Year end Bonus letter is given to the employee to motivate and appreciate them for their work they have been doing during the whole year.

Annual Bonus Letter

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Important Elements of Annual Bonus letter

BONUS  letter contains the total amount of bonus given to the employee from the employer. The amount or the reward is decided by the management of the organization as per the rule and the guidelines.  Employees working in an organization can request for an annual bonus if they have not received any bonus from the company from a long time which we call as bonus request letter.

There are different types of bonus letter like bonus for Christmas, Diwali bonus, bonus for excellent performance, bonus for target achievement.

Find below the format with sample template to write yearly bonus or annual performance bonus letter:

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Charismas Bonus Letter

Sample Letter Template


Zip code:_____________

Subject: Christmas Bonus Letter


We are happy to give you Christmas bonus and our best wishes and happy holidays. Your annual bonus for this year is 000000. We hope that you will be working in this organization with the same dedication and passion you have been working the past whole year and we are pleased to offer you this annual bonus.

We give our best wishes to you Mr. /Mrs. _______________ and your family and Merry Christmas.


For Company Name


Manager Name




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