What is Confirmation Letter or Email? Its Types & Uses with Sample Letter Template in Doc & Pdf

"The confirmation letter or confirmation email is final written consent to the agreement or contract or saying "Yes" to the matter."

​Confirmation Letter or email is considered a formal and a legal document which authenticate that the deal is done or the agreement which was discussed or communicated earlier is agreed by both the parties. Now a days, all the communication are done via email In any business or in the corporate world, For any pending decisions all business executive or the stake holder are kept in cc by their manager. The contract is amended accordingly by exchanging emails. The final agreement or contract is kept in record as a legal document.

Uses of Confirmation Letter

The uses of confirmation letter are below mentioned :

Order confirmation

Appointment confirmation

Employment confirmation

Job confirmation

Meeting confirmation

Payment confirmation

Bank confirmation

Loan confirmation

Salary confirmation

Address confirmation

Employee confirmation

Generally, these above mentioned reasons are required to write confirmation letter.
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Objective of the confirmation letter

The objective of confirmation letter is to ensure that the two parties involved in a particular dealing are agreed and acknowledges the content of the engagement and all confusion related to date, place, time, clauses, commitment, and other terms and conditions are over.

Letter of confirmation means consent or agreement in a legal manner. It is one of the most important documents required to be kept in record. In case of any conflict or dispute arises, this document can be used as a legal evidence because it can prove that who is at fault.

How to Write a Confirmation Letter?

While writing confirmation letter one should keep in mind the following:

In case of official confirmation letter company’s letter head should be used.. This letter can be used as an official document of the company.

Title of the letter should be highlighted in the subject to make this letter more meaningful. Complete name and address of the recipient should be included.

When a letter of confirmation is written for personal reasons a good quality of paper should be used. The subject should be clearly mentioned as to why the confirmation is given.

Use the right salutation in place at the beginning of the letter as per your letter like if it is formal letter or it is business letter and accordingly use the right salutation.

A confirmation letter can start with “this is to confirm” or “I would like to confirm” followed with the reason or objective for which the confirmation is required. Generally, we write for meeting, job, employment, salary, payment, address, terms and conditions related to the contract or agreement confirmation are included

In case of dis-agreement of few of the clauses you can highlight that very particularly and request the recipient to take a particular responsibility and ask for the written confirmation in return to avoid future complications or misunderstandings.

At last, in order to finish this letter you can use terms like “yours Sincerely”, “thanking you”, “Warm Regards” etc. followed with adding your Name, designation and your signature.

Proof reading is very important before Confirming!

Once you are finished writing this kind of letter whether is a formal or a personal letter proofreading is compulsory.  Ensure that the word, spelling, grammar used in the sentence are correct and meaningful. 

The confirmation letter content should be related to the subject and should cover all the important points and objectives

Find various types of confirmation letter and Email sample template in doc and pdf format for your quick uses and example:

Download Free PDF/DOC


Confirmation Letter

Sample Template

Ref No.____________
                                            SUBJECT: CONFIRMATION LETTER.


This letter of confirmation is written to you for the recognition of the work you have done for the organization. We are sure that you will fulfill your responsibilities with similar level of excitement.

As of now we are happy to confirm you as you have completed six months with the organization.

We can see your diligence, commitment and determination to excel in performance. We are confident that you will use the opportunity of working with our company (name of the company). 

We wish you further growth in your career and sincerely look forward for your association with us.
Congratulations on your continued success




Download Free PDF/DOC


Employment Confirmation Letter

Sample Template


Use Company's  Letterhead

                                                                                                 Date: _________


Dear ,
After a successful completion of your probation period, we are satisfied to acknowledge that you are confirmed with effect from date(-----------------)
The various terms and conditions in your confirmation letter remains the same.
We look forward for your contribution in our company. We wish you all the best for your career.
Sign the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of acknowledgment of the same.
For Company Name
Name of the Manager 




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