Dismissal Letter means Terminated. It should not be Wrongful and Unfair dismissal

A dismissal is illegal if an employer does not follow the company's rules and regulations. A wrongful dismissal is incorrect and the employee can file a claim or take his case to court.​ A dismissal should not be wronguful and unfair dismissal.

What is Dismissal letter ?

Dismissal letter is a letter issued for an employee to terminate him/her from the service or the organization. It is a formal document for terminating an employee to ask him/her to leave the company and the reason for which an employee is issued a dismissal letter can be misconduct, poor performance, theft or poor attendance etc.

Before issuing this letter the organization has to ensure that it should not be a wrongful or an unfair dismissal.

​When to use Dismissal letter ?

The orgnisation must serve a verbal or a written warning to the employee or they can issue a show cause letter to the employee by asking the explanation for the misconduct and if the explanation is unsatisfactory and the employee is found guilty in the enquiry then this letter is issued to the employee who is guilty in which he is asked to leave the organization permanently.

Find various dismissal letter sample template available in readymade format for quick and easy uses :


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Dismissal Letter Sample

Sample format




Name of the Employee,  Designation

Address ___________

Address 2 __________

City, State and Country


Sub: Dismissal of Employee


Dear Mr. / Ms.

I am writing you this letter as your official dismissal from our company. As you will find in your work contract, and by law, after verbal and two previous written warnings, I am well within my rights to terminate your employment.

I wish you to come to my office to sign the necessary paperwork as soon as possible, I already have filled your position with a very willing young person, one whom I know will treat her superiors with more respect than you.

So, please take this as your official dismissal from the company. I expect you to return your uniform to me, in full, and to report as soon as is possible, after your leaving, may I make it clear that you will not be welcome on the premises, not even as a paying customer.


Yours Faithfully,


Name of the Authorized person with its Designation

( Signature with Comapny's Stamp )





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Dismissal Letter sample




Name of the Employee, Designation

Organization Name,

Complete Address with PIN


Sub: Letter of dismissal


Dear Mr. / Mrs.

This is to inform you that you have been officially dismissed from (Organization Name) __________________. This order takes immediate effect and I request you to abide it.

As per our contract, if you are found to be breaking our rules more than 3 times, we have the right to dismiss you. The decision of your dismissal has been taken by the managment according to this contract clause.

As you are well aware, we have been receiving many complaints about your misbehavior and disrespect towards your seniors and customers. We have been kind enough to give you two warnings prior to this but sadly found no change in you. Hence, we are left with no option but to terminate your employment.

I request you to kindly get in touch with me immediately and complete all the leaving formalities because we have already found a replacement for your position and she is taking up her duties from tomorrow.


Consider this as the official dismissal letter from the establishment and return all the job related articles like uniform, id-card, food coupon etc that you have.


Yours Faithfully,

Organization Name

Name of the Authorized person





Download Free PDF/DOC


Employee Dismissal Letter

Sample Template




Name of the Employee
Organization Name


Dear ....

On behalf of the board and management of (Organization´s Name) __________________, I wish to inform you that you have been dismissed from your position as (Designation) _______________ with the organization. Henceforth, you cease to be a worker for (Organization´s Name) _________ and you are expected to hand over all the company´s property and effects in your possession.

However, it will not be out of place if you know some of the reasons for your dismissal.  These include your incorrigible attitude of truancy, quarrels, dishonesty and outright blackmail. Be reminded that this takes immediate effect.

Yours Faithfully,

for (organization Name)


Name of the Manager, Designation












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