How to write an introduction email for the new employee? About introduction email with Sample template in doc and pdf

Introduction Mail tells about the company and about the rules and regulations of the company. Introductory mail gives complete information related to company and its working process. This introductory mail is provided from company end during the joining process of the employee. It let the Employee know basic and mandatory thing about the company. It contains the zest of company’s introduction.

Introduction Mail

Use of introduction Mail

Introduction mail is send to all the employees of the company when a new employee has joined the organization, as in big companies an individual cannot meet all the employees personally, so to introduce the new employee to all the other employees of the organization an introduction mail is sent to all the departments by mentioning the designation on which the employee has joined the organization and to welcome him in the organization and help him to understand the things better which are new for him.

Introduction mail can also be sent to all the employees of an organization for a new rule which has been implemented like a new procedure of attendance which is started in the organization for example: introduction of bio matrix attendance system in company. The introduction mail is written and sent by the human recourses department to all the other departments of an organization through email.

Find below some Example, Sample and format of writing Introduction Mail:


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                         New Employee Introduction          


Hi All,


Please extend your warmest welcome to (Name of the new joinee) __________. (Mr. ⁄ Ms. ________ will be heading up our (Department name ____________) division. 

He comes to us with an experience of more than (number _________) years in ____________ (Industry ⁄ Organization Names). He ⁄She would be reached at (Corporate Email ID ___________). Request one and all welcome your new employee.



Best Regards,

Manger HR




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              New Employee Introduction Letter                     


                                                                                                     Date: ______


Dear All
This is to inform you that a new employee Mr. Ms._______________. He ⁄She is assigned to work as an (position) ____________ and will join us tomorrow.

Mr. Ms._______________ is a fresh BE graduate from Mysore. He ⁄She has good academic record and seemed to be very polite and obliging in the interview. Also, he is an active sportsperson and has won some state level prizes. So, you can expect a proactive and co-operative person.

Please extend your warmest welcome to (Name of the new joined) __________.


Best Regards,

Name of the person
Head − Development Department
Organization Name
Address ____________





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