Letter of Intent


"Letter of Intent" is also know as "offer Letter" provided the first hand information about the company and the candidate’s selection for the following position for which he or she had applied.

This kind of letter is provided to give the information about the selection of the employee. Based on the acceptance of this the company provides the offer letter or letter of appointment.

Find below some Example, Sample and format of writing Initial Offer Letter :


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Extending Job Offer

Sample Template

 Date: __________

Dear (recipient´s name _________),
We are glad to have you be a part of (company___________). As examined in your meeting, we are putting forth you the situation of (work title) your beginning pay will be ____________ every Year.

Your appointment letter will be provided to you on your Date of Joining. If it's not too much trouble recognize your Interest as an answer to this Email and Mention us your Date of Joining _________. An Early reaction to the same is exceptionally valued.

An Early response to the same is highly appreciated. Look forward to have an amiable Association with you.



Digital Signature
HR. Dept.




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Letter of Initial Offer

Sample Template

Dated _______

Name of the selected candidate ___________
Address ______________________________


Dear ________
Welcome to (Organization Name)
We are pleased to offer the role of ____________ to you for which you interviewed with us.

This job, as explained to you, is in the Management Grade ______ of our company. The compensation and other benefits that you would be entitled to are stated in the enclosure to this letter. We request you to go through the same and return the enclosed duplicate copy of this letter in acceptance of the same.

We will be issuing your appointment letter on the date of joining after your joining with all the details in it.

The role, in which you join us, is a very important one which will entail dealing with important and sensitive information, records and such other matters of the company. You will, therefore, be required to sign an Agreement of our company at the time of your joining the organization.
We look forward to you joining our team. We are sure that you will have a bright career with our company.


We take this opportunity to welcome you and your family into the folds of our company.


Kind Regards,

Name of the Business Leader Designation



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