Professional Thank you Letter Templates


Saying thanks to someone is more than of art,specially in written form as in mail , letters,messages or notes.Thank you letters to clients,vendors ,contacts and networks peoples helps you to build firms relationship among peoples for personal and professional growth 

Meaning of Thanks

Thanks is expression of Gratitude,appreciation,or acknowledgment to a person.

Thank-you letter to interviewer ,managers helps candidates to grab job to great extent because it sends hidden positive intentions how candidate is intrested to work with organisation. 

Types of Thank you letter templates

  • Job Interview Thank You Letters
  • Thank You Letters for References and Recommendations
  • Business Thank You Letters
  • Employee Thank You Letters
  • Thank You Note Samples
  • Email Thank You Messages
  • Handwritten Thank You Notes
  • Networking Letter Samples-after metting.

Useful Tips to write Thank you Letters

1.It is important to write Professtional Thanks giving letter in proper format and correct and appropriate selection of words.

2.Thanks letter is effective when it is send just on time. without  any delay. Time is very important factor to say thank you or express gratitude.

3.Choose right approch to write thanks giving Letter .Either need to write mail or letter , personalized thankyou letter  , or group email Letter.

4. Keep your thank-you letters short and simple.

5.Thanks giving gratitude letter should be Grammer correct and spell error free.

6.Say something about the future.

7.Go through Sample templates of Thank you letters  from below mention examples 


To know "How to write Thank you letter?".Go through sample format thanks letter

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Thank you letter to Manager/Supervisor/Employer/Boss

Sample Template

Recipient Name____________________
Recipient Position Name_____________
Company Name____________________
Company Address__________________
Dear Recipient’s Name_______________
I am very honored to be working for (Company Name) and have learned much in the time that I have spent here. However, it is with much sadness to inform you that this is my formal resignation from my post. My last day of employment will be (Date____)
This decision has not been easy, but I have decided that it will be in the best interests for my career advancement and future development. I am available to assist in the smooth of the new staff into my current role. Once again, 
I would like to thank you for the many opportunities that you and (Company Name) have given me. I wish you and (Company Name) many more successes in the future.
Yours Sincerely
(You’r  Signature)
(Your Name______________) 

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Thank you letter to Teacher

Sample Template


Mr. /Ms. Name_________________
Thanks for constantly encouraging me every step of the way. You truly did the impossible as I honestly could not imagine having achieved what I did, without you guidance. You inspired me to be a better person, with every class being so full of love and passion. It’s all those little things us like we were your very own little daughters, scolding us when we did not perform to our potential, laughing with us-even though our jokes made no sense, treating us with so much respect, and so so much more. Ma’am you have no idea how much those few months of being your student has impacted my life. I don’t think I will ever meet anyone as selfless, or as impacting as you. This is too short a space for me to express how much of a change you have made in me but I’d like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart, for helping me overcome what I felt was the biggest drawback in me. Not the subject ma’am but the perception I had of myself Love you truckloads, ma’am.
Your student 

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Professional Business Thank – You Letter Email

Sample Template

Company Name_________
Company Info __________
Subject Line –Annual Conference meeting 
Dear Mr. /Mrs. __________
Thank you very much for all your assistance and planning for our annual conference
Your expertise in handling the supply chain, logistics, the meeting arrangements, audio video presentation , coordinating travel and organizing event were  really appreciated.
I really appreciate your help and I am sure we will contact you for your assistance with next year conference meeting.
Meanwhile that , if I can provide  with you a recommendation or if there is anything else I can assist you with.
Please  feel   free to contact  anytime
Best Regards ,
Name ________________
Designation ___________
Contact Info.___________

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Thank You Letter - After a Job Interview

Sample Template




Dear Mr./Ms._________

I appreciated the opportunity regarding the interview with you last week at ABC Corporation for the Position _____________ I was glad to learn more about company’s public relations goals, and my future role in accomplishing those goals.

I feel that my Professional experience will make me the perfect fit for this position, and your thoughts on the direction of ABC Corp. should take solidified my interest in this position.

Thank you again for your time and providing valuable advice. I look forward to the next step in the application process and future opportunities that may arise. 

Please feel free to contact me.



Your Signature

Your Name___________

Email ID_____________

Contact No.___________





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